From marketing to IPO | Episode 8

What does the exciting journey from marketing to obtaining an IPO, and finally listing on the Stock exchange entail? How does Kapital Partner approach the journey with small and mid-cap companies that want to list their company? At which stage can they step in to find the right pre-IPO funding, and what does the business need to do in preparation for an IPO? How long will this journey take and what can be expected along the way?

Jesper shares how Kapital Partner was founded and how they supply financial advice to especially Nordic SMEs and the IPO listing of companies on Nasdaq Nordic. They are Nasdaq Certified Advisors in Denmark and Sweden, and Nordic Growth Market Mentors.

He shares how they enhance publicly-listed SME companies’ exposure to the stock market investors through investor relations and market relations services, creating a basis for liquidity in the companies’ stocks and fair pricing of the companies.

Our Guest:
Jesper Ilsøe started his career as an attorney and counsellor at law as a member of the New York Bar. He has more than 20 years of experience within different areas of financing and investment banking and is a versatile and experienced corporate finance capacity.

Before founding Kapital Partner Jesper has worked among others at Nordea (Aros Securities), Danske Securities (Danske Bank) and Gudme Raaschou (HSH Nordbank) where he was a Nordic top-rated equity analyst.

Jesper Has advised Nordic and international companies about equity and loan structures, IPOs, secondary public offerings, M&A, etc.

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