From Print To Digital | Episode 9

With more than 27 years of experience, Sax Lift is a leading supplier of Scissor Lift tables, Mobile Scissor Lift tables and Customized lifting solutions. Lars shares unique insight into how Sax Lift transitioned from a traditional way of marketing in the ’90s into a fully digital approach to online marketing.

Their journey entailed moving from traditional printed media and physical sales representatives visiting clients to a 100% digital marketing strategy. How do they guide customers into sales funnels up to the crucial moment of a potential customer requesting a call? What does their customer’s online journey look like?

Lars talks about how they use effective SEO and digital marketing strategies to reach their target market online, and which platforms are adequate for their unique brand. How do they get their audience curious about their product and business—opening virtual doors to engage with their target market? Thomas and Lars also discuss some of the successful campaigns that MediaGroup has been involved with and their results.

Our guest:
Lars Dahl – Digital Marketing Manager at Sax Lift
Lars, started his career by working in an advertising agency and then as a self-employed marketer with a strong focus on the digital side since the inception of the internet. He joined Sax Lift in early 2020 to lead the digital marketing team to further success.

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