How Does Saxo Bank do SEO? | Episode 6

Search Engine Optimization as a field has grown up alongside Google. Google is like a mountain—you can climb the mountain, but you can’t move it. It has now gotten to a stage where it is very hard for ‘normal’ marketers to get the most out of their search presence. Hiring specialised staff or agencies becomes almost a requirement to compete in some markets. The rewards for playing can be enormous, with some estimates stating that almost 53% of the traffic from search engines comes from organic search results.

Robbin and I discuss how Saxo Bank is informing and educating traders to make ‘safer and better’ trading decisions—and in the process improve the bank’s position in the search engines for online trading related queries. We talk about how SEO works for Saxo, and what role MediaGroup plays in their strategy. We also discuss affiliate marketing—the Saxo way—with a focus on partnerships over loose advertising relationships.

Join us as we discuss these topics and get a rare look in the kitchen of one of the worlds biggest online trading companies, originally from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our guest:

Robbin Wolfs is the Global affiliate & SEO lead at Saxo Bank. Robbin is originally from Amsterdam, where he spent some time lecturing the Digital Marketing class at University-level and also worked for an engineering consultancy firm before joining Saxo Bank at their Copenhagen offices.

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