Marketing for entrepreneurs | Episode 33

Today’s guest is Lars Tvede, an investor, entrepreneur & bestselling author. He has founded a string of companies in the financial sector and written multiple books on marketing strategy, finance, macroeconomics, applied futurism, and industrial development.

Thomas and Lars take us through a wide-reaching conversation, where Lars describes his theories of economic development and links the story back to the key trends for marketers in the coming decades.

Lars believes that there was an ‘explosion of human creativity’ in 1450, and contrasts this with Malthusian fears of global famine and collapse. Continuing exponential growth during new phases of technological change means certain segments, in recent years those linked to digitalisation, have seen immense profit increases. Marketing success will focus on businesses in new segments in line with recent growth trends, but that does not mean older business models aren’t viable. Lars uses the example of Swiss watchmakers to criticise some of the excesses of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ discourse and give an idea of who will not need to adjust their business model to ‘the experience economy’ or other trends of the last decade.

Lar’s experience is focused on the financial sector, but he shares insights that apply across all market segments. Of particular interest to marketers will be the discussion of the ‘experience economy’, a new but firmly established trend that impacts consumer behaviour, especially among younger generations.

Finally, Lars describes his marketing experiences working on new book releases and video interviews. Marketers will be interested (and perhaps surprised) to hear that interviews with mistakes or interruptions outperform those running smoothly. Network effects are well-known in marketing, and the opportunities to agencies presented by outsourcing and automation are considered before Thomas concludes the conversation.

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