Numbers come first: marketing across industries | Episode 30

Our new episode of Memorable Marketing sees us welcoming Lisbet Stolberg, the new CMO at HusCompagniet. Having worked in teams and led projects across the book, film and now housing sectors, Lisbet has a remarkable breadth of experience in developing stories and brand creation. She discusses the importance of strong products, word of mouth, and the value of collecting client data.

Our guest:
Lisbet Stolberg – Incoming Head of Marketing at HusCompagniet.

Lisbet joins us at an interesting time, as she is currently between a role working as CMO at a book publishing house, and an imminent new CMO position in the housing sector. With her background in film and book publishing, Lisbet has some fascinating insights about the differences between industries, and how to successfully sell stories across sectors.

Lisbet is a strong advocate for a marketing approach led by an understanding of the underlying business – in her words, ‘numbers come first’. The importance of an excellent product and word-of-mouth are constants across such diverse industries as film and print media and residential property.

Once the underlying business fundamentals are in place and working with an entire commercial team to support the story, Lisbet is familiar with the complex demands of the CMO role. With some interesting advice for marketing professionals, particularly around carrying out the same role in different industries, this conversation covers a lot of ground and offers some useful insights.

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