The Great Reset | Episode 0

There is a lot of change in digital marketing because of online privacy concerns.  The day is fast approaching when user data can’t be monetized unknowingly and without limitations. And so, the era of this ‘perfect storm’ in digital marketing, where user’s privacy was for sale to the highest bidder, is coming to an abrupt end.

Bart and I discuss the immediate and long-term effects of GDPR, the Apple iOS privacy strategy, and other industry moves that are changing the digital marketing landscape quickly and permanently. He believes that quality content is once again at the forefront of all we want to achieve, and the days of limitless data gathering are numbered.

Join us as we discuss these issues and why it is a step in the right direction for digital marketers, with better data and better performing campaigns. Are you ready for the great reset?

Our guest:

Bart Burggraaf is a Partner at MediaGroup. In the agency, he mostly focuses on marketing strategy, technology, new business, and staffing. In addition, he runs the Hong Kong office and handles Asia-specific business. Before his time at MediaGroup, he managed global marketing at Citibank’s Margin FX business and worked on online marketing for Saxo Bank in Copenhagen. Bart has lived in 7 countries over the years but is originally Dutch.

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