Unique Storytelling To Attract Clients and Staff | Episode 19

How do you keep a staff complement of 30,000+ motivated and ready to think outside the box to excel and bring in the numbers in your marketing campaigns and strategies? Join us for a refreshing talk about how a CMO (who is also the CTO) uses storytelling to achieve this.

David showcases a truly firm belief that if you keep your staff and customers motivated through immersive storytelling, the numbers on your bottom line will follow. For David, it’s not only talking the talk of this fresh and needed approach, but a mission to walk the walk – and the returns from his marketing efforts are proof that it works. He is unconventional in his ways and does not focus on the typical marketing numbers as is the norm. In David’s own words, there is nothing they won’t do.— you will find them anywhere and everywhere they can add value.

Our guest:

David Reid is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for NOV. He is well known as a growth catalyst for business, products, teams, people & culture. As a unique business and technology leader David has a proven track record of eliminating large corporate inefficiencies & building effective, dynamic, communities that deliver the impossible. Skilled at motivating large groups, technology, strategy, market development, new business model change, leadership growth and all forms of development.

If you also want to breathe a bit of fresh air into your marketing strategies please reach out to me at moc.w1675011297wpuor1675011297gaide1675011297m@iam1675011297.samo1675011297ht1675011297. I am always happy to chat about new and customised strategies.

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