Reactivating your Leads with Facebook

Reactivating your Leads with Facebook image

If you are anything like the average broker, you probably have a large amount of leads in an unwieldy Excel sheet or CRM system. Thousands of aspiring customers you have generated in the past, called once or twice and sent the occasional email to. And while many brokers employ retargeting to reactivate website visitors that haven’t converted, not a lot use advertising to get back in front of their lead database.

With Facebook Custom Audience targeting, Brokers can upload an email/phone number database directly in Facebook and target these users with advertising there or on Instagram. The advantage over regular retargeting is that you will have a larger database since it goes back to the beginning of time, and a more durable identifier in the email or phone number. Of course this only works if those people use the same email address or phone number on Facebook, but you should be able to match a good percentage of them.


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