Sales vs. Marketing: observations about broker lead quality

Anyone working considerable time in a marketing role at a broker will recognize feedback from the sales department often revolves around the quality of the leads they get. As you are probably aware, this is not always for good reason. In this article I want to discuss the issues and some potential solutions.

Looking at conversion rates, on average sales people reaching out to new prospects will have to contact 10 leads in order to speak to 1-2 good ones. As such, it is entirely expected those  8-9 leads that didn’t convert are worse quality then the ones that did. A sales person can also hit a larger set of leads that are bad quality and it can still work out over time according to the average conversion rate. What’s more, if those sales people are on KPI-based compensation, where they have to close a certain number of clients, it is also the only outside reason that can be pointed at; marketing must not have been doing a very good job in producing quality leads.

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