Global SEO CAMPAIGN yields a 179% increase in monthly organic traffic in the banking industry



Saxo Bank is a Danish investment bank that serves clients in 180 countries, and our SEO campaign covers 15 markets.  As a global agency, MediaGroup was in the unique position to manage these markets due to our technical expertise and international staff that were familiar with local markets.

However, the financial market is a very competitive one in general, and Saxo is up against fellow brokers with global presences. This competitiveness is also heightened in Asia, where the bank would be competing against locally and more established financial institutions.

MediaGroup was tasked by Saxo to, in all markets:

  • To increase the number of monthly impressions of the domain by 50%.
  • To increase monthly organic traffic to the domain by 50%.
  • To increase the number of referring domains of the site by 50%.


MediaGroup targeted traders not yet registered with the bank as well as current clients across all campaigns. Native to Denmark, Saxo naturally has a bigger presence in Europe. However, as the bank begins to extend its geographic footprint with new partnerships launched in Asia, it was equally important for our local campaigns to reach and appeal to traders in the region.

Our focus overall was to increase visibility, traffic, and eventually, revenue, and our holistic strategy aimed to achieve this with all three aspects of SEO, including on- and off-site factors and SEO content.

On-site SEO

We diagnosed the problems and areas of weakness with ongoing audits and provided recommendations for implementation for all markets. We also evaluated sites against best practices to ensure all possible content was accessible to search engines and users. Some of these factors we audited included content tagging, site structure and navigation, compliance and construction, crawlability, mobile friendliness, and core web vitals.

Off-site SEO

After a comprehensive audit of the sites, we used analyses of keywords, local market landscapes, and competitors to inform our strategy of link acquisition through content efforts. This was done with the aim to boost local rankings in each market and to strengthen the backlink profile of each site in both quality and quantity.

We selected initial sets of keywords in local languages (unless otherwise specified) for each market, and we also set out to help Saxo reclaim links by finding pages on websites that have mentioned the bank without adding clickable links and doing outreach.


While our on- and off-site SEO strategies were strong, we saw a need in diverting more of our SEO efforts into creating localised content from scratch. Thus, we deployed extra efforts in several markets.

We created new instrument pages for the Danish, Dutch, and global markets and improved existing ones to meet SEO best practices. This was done through extensive research in local and global markets.

For the Singaporean market, we created a cluster of on-site evergreen educational pages from scratch, in-house, to increase the number of organic keywords and visibility within the market. This was done through creating a visualisation of the current site’s content structure to see where the new pages will be implemented, and through targeted keyword research and content gap analysis. We also took steps to ensure that all content we put out was compliant with strict local regulations.

Some of the articles we created as part of the campaign:


All in all, our approach to content was fully transparent. We created a dashboard containing key metrics such as the number of keywords, keyword rankings, and traffic, and recorded month-on-month changes. This was supplemented by bi-weekly meetings and monthly summaries and reports, so we were always on track and can pivot quickly with the client’s consent.


Our objective was to improve brand visibility, increase the number of organic keywords, and build strong and natural link profiles for all local sites.

From October 2020 to March 2022, we saw significant growth across organic traffic, impressions, and the total number of referring domains for Saxo’s main domain,

  • There is a clear uptrend – the monthly number of impressions increased by around 58%.

  • The monthly organic traffic also increased significantly, increasing by around 179%, which exceeded our expectations.

  • With our efforts, the number of referring domains increased by around 81%, exceeding our expectations as well.

  • The total number of organic keywords for the domain increased by 166%.

  • The keywords in local markets such as Singapore rank in the top 10 on local SERPs, despite fierce competition.

We are very happy with the success we have achieved with our campaign across all 15 markets with Saxo, and we are pleased to say that our SEO efforts are appreciated as we continue our partnership with the bank.

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