SEO FAQ: 8 Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

SEO FAQ: 8 Frequently Asked Questions About SEO image

When we talk with our potential and current clients, we often hear very similar or even the same SEO questions and quandaries. Therefore, we decided to collect them all in one place and engaged our team of SEO experts to provide comprehensive answers for the most common real-life concerns about organic search.

For us SEO and marketing in general is a low priority area. Why should we invest in SEO, if it requires long-term investment for profit?

SEO is an investment. And like every good investment it will gain value over time. Having well optimised website is now more important than ever, as more and more businesses are becoming present online. Your competitors are most probably there. And for sure your customers are. Now it’s all about being the first choice for your audience. SEO, like all good campaigns, will help your website to be more prominent online. It will make your site more visible which equals more traffic. And traffic equals leads and leads turn into sales.

Ok, we agree that this is really something we need to look at, but our technical team doesn’t have time for more projects right now.

We do everything an in-house marketing department might do, and more. That includes providing search engine optimisation, web development, public relations, marketing automation, design and other services. We have full-time staff that can do all the work for you. What’s more, we always make sure that any changes to the site are consulted in detail and initially made in either a staging environment or are at the least approved by the relevant people in your company.

Our site is not ready / not migrated yet. Can you start optimising it before it’s fully live?

The process of optimising your site can start even before your site is fully launched. We will start with a comprehensive SEO audit which includes the on-site and off-site part, containing in particular: competitors research, keywords analysis and recommendations related to website development. All that can be done event for the staging site. We can also start our link building campaign before you fully launch your site. Once your site is live it will be not only well optimised, but it will also already have the reputable links referring to it.

We just launched our new website. How come it’s not ranking well?

First of all, an SEO friendly website should be easy for search engines to crawl, understand the structure and its content. If the site is in a good health, the volume and quality of links pointing to a page will make the difference between rankings. Links are a significant factor in improving website’s visibility and rankings. We offer high-quality link building campaigns which are essential if you’re going to compete and thrive online.

Can you speed up the SEO results?

We can start with a paid media campaign and slowly ramp up SEO efforts in the meantime. PPC can give your website a rapid exposure right away, which is a good for start. But to keep it going you need a big budget. SEO, on the other hand, is a strategic and long-term activity with lasting results. In the long run SEO has much higher ROI than paid media. It’s an investment that is more cost-effective than all other marketing tactics for delivering brand awareness and relevant traffic to your website.

We do not have time and knowledge to support SEO internally. How can you help?

We pride ourselves on being an external marketing department for our customers. We have staff that can support all aspects of the SEO program at all stages: from copywriters, translators, technical analysts, designers to developers and more. The services we provide don’t actually stop at SEO campaigns. We can be your partner in all marketing related tasks on all markets worldwide!

Why should we choose you?

We have years of B2B experience, run campaigns in 60 countries and have a direct knowledge of your industry. That makes us the right choice for your company. What’s more, with our international team of specialist and unique connections with publishers we truly mastered the art of building high-quality links. Not many SEO agencies offer such service and that puts us ahead of them. But don’t take our word for it. We can do an audit of your SEO status and give you complete and actionable recommendations as to what needs to be done. That small task can give you a slight overview of our capabilities.

It all sounds great, but we don’t have budget for it right now…

Do you do paid media? Because if you do, you should probably redirect a portion of the paid media spend to SEO. A well optimised website will drive targeted traffic to your site 24×7 without the need of spending money on PPC or other forms of online advertising. As it was already mentioned: SEO is not about instant results, but about results that are persistent and long-term. Well-crafted SEO strategy will bear fruit for a long time.

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