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Audit And Strategy

Advertising & SEO Auditing and Strategy

After an in-depth audit, our consultants develop a digital growth strategy that fits your business.

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Bart Burggraaf

Partner (NL)

As a strategic online marketing agency with decades of experience working on client campaigns, we are uniquely placed to help you develop and improve marketing and business strategies.

That’s why every relationship with MediaGroup starts with a thorough audit of current performance and a clear plan for your marketing and business objectives. We help clients deploy their resources efficiently to achieve their business goals.

After auditing the current situation, your competitors and the industry, we develop an overall marketing strategy. We then move on to planning and executing paid media, organic search, content marketing and other services.  

Our strategic plan will ensure all channels, including non-digital ones, are working in alignment and helping to achieve your commercial goals. 

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A comprehensive, analytic strategy for your business.

Our approach involves a comprehensive review of your and your competitors' marketing activities. Taking examples from your industry can be a powerful tool for identifying gaps in your online marketing efforts. We aim to improve on the benchmark standard and create, in the long term, an industry-leading digital marketing strategy.

Through a series of meetings and workshops with your business, online or in-person, we aim to understand your previous marketing efforts. This includes your successes, unique challenges, and target audience. Our team will then offer novel and practical solutions to help you achieve your business goals. 

Our clear and consistent reporting allows you to keep on top of a changing market environment, taking into account the commercial aspects of your business and its changing goals. 

Full-service digital marketing agency

book.svg Audit

Our digital strategy begins with a thorough audit of your historical performance, competitors, target audiences and industry. We look at your overall business position and marketing requirements and ensure we get to the bottom of any issues. Understanding the past, your audience and your competition is the key to unlocking future growth. 

book.svg Strategy

Once we understand your current position and targets, we craft a strategy involving all aspects of our marketing expertise. We divide the proposed budget across matched channels and build a timeframe. Each part of this process is guided by data obtained using proprietary and third-party tools, with the expected impact on budgets compared to the cost invested. 

book.svg Execution

Our work doesn’t stop once we have carried out the audit. Every strategy requires monitoring and occasional recalibration, and we follow a regular review schedule. If your business requirements change, you launch a new product, or you decide to target a different audience segment, we optimize your existing strategy and aim to deliver the best results with minimal disruption.

Developing your digital growth strategy

International scale

MediaGroup works globally, with native speakers of over a dozen languages forming a team successfully implementing campaigns in 22 markets worldwide. Our international scope and capacity for localization make us uniquely suited to partner with enterprises looking to access a global audience. 


MediaGroup reports promptly and clearly. Showing continual progress updates, a customizable dashboard and providing clear metrics for client success, our role as a strategic digital agency is to present and justify our findings transparently. 

Being partners

 Forming a digital growth strategy with a client involves a strong commercial understanding of their business, current and target clients, and developing the correct strategy to match. Our aim at MediaGroup is to become a trusted strategic partner for our clients. 

Digital marketing strategy: FAQs

What does a marketing strategy agency do?

The exact role depends on the requirements of your business and your upcoming campaigns. In all instances, an audit of your own and competitor performance is required. If we are consulting regarding an ongoing campaign, we will need an overview of the campaign performance so far and to understand why you are seeking to change it. Once this is complete, we will have identified both your current and target audience, and can match this to the appropriate service. As a full-service digital strategy agency, we are able to recommend the most timely and effective interventions, including on and off-site SEO, digital PR and paid advertising. 

How does digital strategy fit into our overall marketing strategy?

As a digital marketing strategy agency, our focus is naturally on the digital side of your marketing effort. For most clients, the measurability and sheer scale of this segment means it is progressively more important, with traditional advertising playing a smaller role. That said, our overall strategy will take into account your overall marketing effort, including non-digital aspects, and aim to integrate them with the overall plan. For example, many technical clients have a focus on trade shows and industry press; we are able to use highly targeted social advertising to identify likely attendees of those shoes and get your content in front of them before they attend. 

We already have a digital marketing strategy plan, but are not happy with its current performance. Can you help?

Yes. A good digital marketing strategy is dynamic, changing with market conditions and your own business. If you have been using the same strategy for years, and in that time your product offering, client base or the general market environment have change significantly, it is likely you will need to review or redo entirely your strategy. Our team will identify those parts of the plan that can be reused, and try to work out the reason for your current underperformance. Once these areas have been identified, we will provide actionable recommendations to improve your strategy, and a timeline for implementation. 

How do you monitor user engagement?

User engagement is easiest to monitor on social media channels, or where we have a clear overview of client activity on your site. Tools like email lists can also provide important data on client engagement. By collecting data from all of these disparate sources, we are able to provide detailed insights on your current engagement, including demographics across channels.