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Display Advertising

International Display Advertising

Reaching the right audience for international brands using the power of programmatic and direct display advertising.

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Łukasz Szkobel

Head of Display

Display advertising is a precise and scalable way to reach your target audience. By employing programmatic (RTB) and direct display, MediaGroup enables a high share of voice on the sites your audience knows and loves.   

Display advertising is suitable for both brand and acquisition purposes, and by using advanced retargeting tactics, MediaGroup can increase your cross-channel conversion rates for better results. 

As a display advertising agency, MediaGroup will conduct in-depth market research to find high-quality sites and positions that can improve your bottom line. And our data-driven philosophy ensures minimal ad fraud risk. 

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Our approach to online display advertising services

Visual-based digital ads may come in various formats, such as static images, gifs or videos.

By combining key insights and data, researching your target audience and competition, and getting to know your unique selling point, MediaGroup advises you on the most effective advertising platform to ensure your business objectives are met, leading to growing your prospects.  

Our specialists focus on creating a tailor-made display campaign for you, as well as measuring its performance and quickly reacting to any updates.

Our online display advertising services

magnet.svg Programmatic and Direct Display

The traditional, manual media buying method of direct display needs to be supplemented by programmatic advertising to get the most out of your budget. Ad campaigns can be personalized and optimized for the right target audience through automated buying of ad spaces online. MediaGroup can directly analyze metrics to decide the best action and optimal place for your campaign. 

magnet.svg YouTube

With over 14 billion visitors per month watching hours of video, YouTube is a media mammoth, making it great for businesses to capitalize on when releasing campaigns. With our experience, MediaGroup’s video advertising services can assist you with running video campaigns and strategizing and analyzing generated metrics. 

magnet.svg Native Ads 

As viewers are bombarded with advertisements, these messages often end up as white noise, especially if the ad clashes with the layout of the publishing platform. For something more subtle and integrated, clients can look at creating native ads. These ads match the look and feel of the website, allowing for a better user experience. With audiences becoming more resistant to hard selling, this softer sell approach can help your brand be more receptive.

magnet.svg Digital Out of Home

Much like its traditional advertising counterpart OOH (out-of-home advertising), DOOH (digital-out-of-home advertising) is when an ad is digitally displayed outdoors in public areas, such as the billboards in Time Square. Because the ads are location specific, they need to be localized to be successful. With MediaGroup’s international focus, our specialists can support campaigns in over 20 languages. 

magnet.svg Connected TV

CTV denotes television sets connected to the internet, enabling viewers to access digital content and streaming services. It confers advantages such as accurate audience targeting, the capacity to deliver personalised and interactive advertisements, and the flexibility to assess the efficacy of advertising campaigns through sophisticated analytics.

magnet.svg Over the top

OTT advertising capitalises on utilising streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, among others, in conjunction with devices such as smart TVs, streaming boxes (e.g. Roku, Apple TV), and gaming consoles to engage target audiences effectively.

magnet.svg Audio advertising

Consider when you are engaged in activities such as driving, exercising, cooking, or performing household chores. Reflect upon those instances when screens are inactive, and you immerse yourself in the pleasant experience of listening to your preferred music or podcast. We are dedicated to assisting companies in expanding their user base by targeting individuals who utilise audio streaming platforms, including but not limited to Spotify, Pandora, and digital radios. 

What makes our campaigns effective?

Broad expertise

With over 20 years of running paid display advertising campaigns, our specialists are well-rounded and provide point-to-point solutions. The last few years have seen MediaGroup create over 800 campaigns. Our team ensure that campaigns follow regulations and provide a bespoke service to meet our client’s goals. 

International scale

Each target market's different behaviours and needs mean businesses must change their content to target a specific country. This requires MediaGroup to be flexible and versatile. Our specialists have the expertise to ensure messaging can be targeted locally or globally.

Data-drive solutions

Our display advertising agency focuses on data first and foremost. We help you make sense of the numbers, so you do not have to. These numbers assist us in measuring your campaigns, so we can better understand what is currently going on with your business and the best paths going forward. 

Display Advertising services: FAQs

What is paid display advertising?

Display advertising is one of the most popular and common types of paid advertising, which will visually promote a company's brand through images, videos, or text. Coming in various shapes and formats, these ads usually appear at the website's top, bottom, or side. Correctly done, a display ad stands out and increases brand awareness. Often used in conjunction with PPC campaigns, display ads are a fantastic way to get a brand recognized. MediaGroup's specialists can produce data-driven reports for further strategic considerations. 

What does a display marketing agency do?

Much like a traditional marketing agency, display marketing agencies work with clients to manage their marketing campaigns and strategies that will further their business goals. Aside from creating, planning and running a campaign, agencies must monitor and evaluate the results. With more companies investing in display advertising as a part of their marketing campaign, display marketing agencies can assist with releasing display ads efficiently and cost-effectively. 

What are the benefits of digital display advertising?

Display advertising can help brands highlight their products and services in a visually engaging way. Due to their visual nature, the ads stand out and can build brand awareness and spark initial interest in intended audiences. Display ads can further be targeted to a specific demographic, ensuring their message reaches the right audience at the right time. Besides that, by retargeting, we can reach people who have already seen the ads and are in the consideration stages to convince them to convert. This helps drive our client’s overall paid advertising campaigns cost-effectively. 

How does display advertising compare with other forms of digital marketing?

While display advertising is a fantastic way to get a business's name out to audiences, conversions may be slightly slower than PPC or SEO marketing. However, a well-planned display advertising campaign can still generate conversions from customers looking to purchase. A display advertising campaign's success is easily measurable, and MediaGroup's data-driven marketing specialists can track metrics. Our experts can also help with A/B testing elements of a display ad to ensure your ad is optimized for your target audience.