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Link Building

Quality Link Building at Scale

Boost your search rankings with high-quality link building strategies at scale. MediaGroup uses a vast network of publishers relevant to your niche to create an extensive link profile for your domain.

Albina Valitova SEO Manager at MGWW

Albina Valitova

SEO Link Building Manager

Links build authority for your website; good content uses that authority to get traffic. Both work together, and when it comes to planning out a comprehensive SEO strategy, link building remains an essential component. 

Many SEO vendors build links of questionable quality or create far too little of them to make an impact. MediaGroup uses the highest quality standards, editorial-level content and an extensive network of publishers to build a safe, niche-appropriate and scalable link profile for our clients. 

And we do so globally. MediaGroup does local SEO campaigns in over 20 countries, using local language publishers alongside global domains to create local relevance at scale for our international clients.  

As a result of our link building, the content and product pages that clients publish on their sites get read by many more on the internet, growing brand awareness and generating a direct impact on the bottom line. 



An analytical approach to link building

Our link building services adhere to SEO best practices to ensure your site is well-optimized.

By using white hat link building strategies, MediaGroup follows the rules laid out by search engines while at the same time improving your ranking in search results. These strategies include manually selecting industry-relevant websites and creating quality content that brings value to readers. These articles, written by our in-house content team, are not keyword-stuffed, but flow seamlessly.  

Links are also included naturally, alongside valuable anchor texts. Our campaigns will vary the types of backlinks you receive. Link building is also done quickly, with a focus on high-quality domains.

Our link building agency has experience setting priorities, aligning strategies, and educating stakeholders who may not understand how SEO works. By doing this, we deliver quality backlinks at the scale that can enhance your brand’s presence globally. 

Our SEO link building services

search.svgCreating a link building strategy 

At the start of each project, we first prepare an individual and customized link building strategy tailored to your objectives. This consists of identifying pages that need the most backlinks and competitor analysis to identify any suitable opportunities. We select appropriate anchors for your links through our data-backed keyword research. We also make sure to reach your business goals and previously discussed KPIs. 

search.svgContent for link building creation 

Our experienced team of content specialists oversees the copywriting of valuable articles. We always stay connected with clients regarding their business and industry so that we can better create relevant content. As a result, the content we produce is reliable, trustworthy, and suitable for your target audience. 

search.svgReferring domains selection 

Over the years of doing SEO, we have compiled a database of domains with topics relating to our client’s business. As part of our link building services, our SEO team aims to place links on high-quality sites. We further check various parameters to build a reliable link profile. This is based on sites that have been deemed credible by search engine crawlers. 

search.svgCampaign reporting 

We regularly report on what links were acquired and how they affect website rankings. MediaGroup uses a variety of criteria to measure how effective a link building campaign is, such as your website’s Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and more. Hence, you get an exact breakdown of what is going on in the campaign. 

What makes MediaGroup different?

International scale

MediaGroup is an international agency with offices in Denmark, Poland, and Hong Kong. Most of our specialists are bilingual, and the team can speak over 20 languages in total. We have not only experience working in European markets but in APAC markets too. Our global approach means we can find opportunities for link building in various languages relevant to the appropriate region.

Reliable partner

Ever since our inception in 2004, MediaGroup has been around to help B2B and B2C companies. Our award-winning agency has been in this competitive industry for over 20 years, making us an expert in link building and all things SEO related. We make sure to understand your needs and objectives and will create tailored campaigns to meet them. 


All our projects begin with auditing our clients – specifically their industry, their website performance, and their competitors. Through the data collected, we then produce a link building strategy that not only targets your objectives but also is backed by vigorous research. This ensures that all links are high-quality, relevant, and fit your target audience.

Link building: FAQs

What is link building?

As its name suggests, link building is where you acquire links from other websites that link back to yours. In SEO terminology, this is also called backlinking. Gaining backlinks from sites with high domain authority can boost your site’s domain authority, which means your site can rank higher in search engines. The more backlinks you gain, the higher you can rank. Therefore, link building is vital in boosting your site’s SEO quality. 

What are link building services?

Link building services are a specific type of SEO strategy. They focus on identifying opportunities to earn high-quality backlinks to your website. For best results, these backlinks should come from domains with high authority. Most search engines usually use the type and number of backlinks a site has, to determine whether it is trustworthy. Good link builders aim to find sites relevant to your industry or your target audience. They will also reach out to site editors so they can place backlinks. 

What is an SEO link building company?

An SEO link building company helps its clients gain backlinks to improve its SEO ranking. Tactics these agencies often include guest posting, creating relevant and engaging content, or using broken link building. A professional agency should aim to do link building organically and curate content relevant to their client’s particular industry.

What are the benefits of link building

Search engines like Google consistently crawl websites, meaning they can see a site's backlinks. You need top-notch backlinks if you want your site to be visible in search results and rank high. Doing so means search engines are more likely to regard your domain as important, bumping up its ranking. Search engines want to show users the most relevant results possible. As such, these backlinks can increase domain traffic, which means more customers for you overall. You can also be viewed as an important authority in your field – giving you a stronger reputation when onboarding clients. 

What is white hat link building?

Most link builders aim to do white hat link building. Unlike its unethical counterpart, white hat link building aims to follow guidelines and standards set by search engines like Google. People who do white hat link building tend to focus on sustainable and long-term results, instead of short-term gains. Search engines reward this practice, while penalizing those who practice black hat link building.