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PPC Advertising

The International PPC Agency 

Combining tech and talent with PPC advertising for global customer acquisition and brand awareness at scale.

Sofie Baarsøe Pedersen

Head of Paid

Sitting at the core of our digital marketing agency, PPC has the most direct and measurable impact on your lead number and quality.

Improving lead quality leads to benefits throughout the sales funnel. Paid search advertising is one tool to simultaneously target brand exposure while building a high-quality group of prospective clients.

Allowing for greater precision than traditional SEO, PPC campaigns enable our clients to target prospective customers while controlling their overall spending as effectively as possible.  

When combined with a thorough understanding of the acquisition cost and conversion rate, PPC benefits from offering high measurability standards, making it more straightforward to justify your internal marketing spend. 



Working with a global PPC agency

To ensure effective execution, we customize our PPC strategy based on a conversion funnel model. 

Using detailed keyword cluster analysis, a local understanding of customer behaviour and your marketing objectives, we offer a targeted approach for each level of the funnel, matching the appropriate paid search marketing services to your requirements.

At the Top of the funnel, we target broad, localized keywords to build brand awareness. In the Middle stage, we focus on competitor and long-tailed keywords based on specific search queries, generating valuable traffic to the client's website. The Bottom is the most critical stage for ROAS, where we ensure brand and targeted searches are localized across target markets. All with conversion generation in mind.

Throughout each step of the funnel, we constantly monitor performance against pre-defined targets, making adjustments as necessary. 

Our paid search marketing services

magnet.svgPPC audit

Each PPC campaign starts with a full audit of your current position, the competitor landscape, and keyword-specific metrics. From the macro-level campaign overview to the analysis of individual keywords, all our findings align to provide actionable recommendations suited to mid- to enterprise clients seeking to apply large budgets efficiently. Time frames on these recommendations vary from instantaneous fixes to longer-term strategic considerations. 

magnet.svgGoogle Ads

As world number one, Google Ads is the logical starting point for most campaigns. MediaGroup has run Search, YouTube, Shopping and Display campaigns on Google for our enterprise client base, dealing with strategy, execution, management and reporting. We use A/B experimental trials, landing page analysis, and ongoing campaign reporting to ensure your budget is used as efficiently as possible. 

magnet.svgMicrosoft Ads

An interesting option for clients looking for a lower cost-per-click than Google while still reaching large audiences, Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing) includes both their paid advertising platform and partner networks such as Yahoo, AOL and Our paid search media agency can partner on campaigns including Search, Display, Shopping and native advertisements. 


Localized search engines like Baidu in China, Naver in Korea, and Yahoo Japan are critical to successful paid campaigns in those markets. MediaGroup has specialists supporting campaigns in over 15 languages and staff on the ground in many key markets. Familiarity with the peculiarities of regional search engines allows for more effective execution of localized campaigns. 

Globally recognized marketing partnership

International scale

Our approach scales globally. Clients of our agency are overwhelmingly regional or global, bringing complex campaign requirements. Today slogans, pages, and ad content all increasingly need localization. Our team brings together two decades of experience working on localized PPC campaigns in 15 languages.  

Platform partner

We are proud to be recognized as a partner by both Google Ads and Microsoft in recognition of our track record of effective campaigns. Industry recognition demonstrates MediaGroup’s effectiveness in developing and executing ad campaigns for major clients.  

Data-driven solutions

All our campaigns begin with a technical assessment of the client’s market position, identifying the most viable avenue to achieve your campaign goals. Our PPC team identify the most promising keyword clusters, and continual reporting allows clients to see their performance in a concise and presentable format.  

PPC advertising: FAQs

What sort of clients works with an international PPC marketing agency?

Typically, our clients are in the mid- to enterprise segment, with large marketing budgets, complex approval processes, and global sales relationships. Larger mid-market firms, especially those who work across borders, may also require the services of a worldwide PPC agency. 

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO is organic and works to boost the search results ranking of client pages. These pages often have an advantage over paid results in traffic volumes but are slower to build, taking months to rank, and final positions cannot be guaranteed. 

Our paid search marketing services allow for top-page position search results across global and regional search engines. PPC’s primary advantages over SEO are speed and precision, alongside an easier-to-calculate cost/return ratio. 

How do you manage PPC campaigns?

A PPC management agency needs to keep track of campaign metrics and overall performance. The cost per click and conversion rates, combined with your internal data on lifetime customer value, is enough to calculate a campaign's correct budget accurately. Much of the work comes before the campaign is launched: identifying search terms, ranking competitors, and dealing with any technical or UX issues on the landing pages. 

How does PPC work globally?

MediaGroup is an international PPC agency – we have staff spread across three continents and have run localized campaigns in over 15 languages. More and more international campaigns require significant localization to be successful. This means having staff who understand your target market's language, marketing culture, and commercial habits is essential. Some overseas markets can be reached with significant ad platforms like Google and Microsoft – others, like China or Korea, require using different platforms. Our experienced, multinational staff know how to manage the competing requirements this brings.