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Our Reporting and Visual Data services

Creating intuitive dashboards and reports that look at the big picture and drive business growth.

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Lucia Rodriguez Elias

Head of Measurement

Managing multiple media channels can be a daunting task for enterprises and larger mid-market firms. Evaluating your overall performance and which campaigns generate results can also be challenging. Businesses need to find a way to visualize data clearly and concisely to make better data-driven decisions.  

Our agency can help you keep track of all your marketing channels. We have experience managing global and local client campaigns for over 20 years.  

MediaGroup provides dashboards that feature all your campaign’s data and website traffic. Accessible in real-time, our dashboards can monitor performance daily, presenting clear reports and insights.

Benefits of using marketing dashboards

bar-chart.svg Real-time data

Gaining real-time insights is a game-changer in today's fast-paced business environment, giving companies a competitive edge and control over advertising efforts. 

bar-chart.svg Multichannel integration

Access to data from multiple sources, such as social media engagement, paid advertising, and SEO performance in one place, gives companies a quick overview of which channels and tactics generate the most traffic and conversions.

bar-chart.svg Advanced analysis

Recognize trends that are not immediately apparent through traditional data analysis methods. Teams can gain insights into new opportunities, allowing them to adjust their budgets accordingly.

bar-chart.svg Smart decisions

Identify areas of improvement, as well as track progress towards specific business goals. The right data can help companies optimize their marketing strategies for maximum impact, increasing ROI.

Customer Performance Portal Login Panel Mockup

Our approach to reporting

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any business. It is one thing to dig up stats, and another to comprehend it so you know what is working, and what needs improvement.  

This is where our Measurement team comes in. Our experts go above and beyond to provide comprehensive insights to help you achieve your marketing goals. All of this is done in real time, so your campaign will be optimized constantly.  

With our valuable insights regarding your campaigns' performance and return on investment (ROI), you'll have a crystal-clear path to success.

Customer Performance Portal dashboard

What makes our reports different?

MediaGroup focuses on taking a look at our client's current reporting setup to create a personalized onboarding plan that suits their business goals. Aside from audits, MediaGroup will show clients how to automate and streamline their processes, to make reporting more efficient and simpler.  

We bring together various data sources into one consistent and comprehensive data set, before inputting it into our Campaign Performance Portal. This means our clients only see the data that actually matters to them. We make certain that all reports align with your objectives.  

Our team of digital marketing specialists also work to ensure that each campaign is optimized as much as possible so that they will meet our strict internal standards. 

Campaign Performance Portal: FAQs

What to expect from our Campaign Performance Portal?

Users can access the dedicated dashboard, which showcases all your campaigns and website analytics. These include data on impressions, clicks, regions users are based in, devices used to access your website, as well as metrics available through the Google Analytics 4 tracking setup, such as conversions, purchases, engagement rate, landing page performance and more.

What are the benefits of MediaGroup’s Campaign Performance Portal?

Security & Access: Our Campaign Performance Portal ensures secure access through user authentication with unique usernames and passwords. Enhanced Communication: Our portal provides additional communication channels to facilitate seamless and efficient information exchange between MediaGroup and our clients. Streamlined Reporting Experience: The Campaign Performance Portal consolidates all client dashboards into a single centralized location, eliminating the risk of lost links and ensuring easy access to valuable information 24/7. Efficient Loading Time: The portal’s dashboards have rapid loading times, enabling users to quickly apply filters and locate desired information without significant time investment.

How does MediaGroup communicate the results?

Although campaign results are available to our clients 24/7 via online reports, our customer success team is responsible for providing detailed information about their campaigns. This means they are on hand to answer any questions clients may have after receiving their report.  

Each report is broken down into clear sections to make the data simpler to process. MediaGroup also provides a comment section, making it easy for clients to share their comments and opinions with us.