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Social Advertising

Global Paid Social Media Advertising

MediaGroup delivers paid social advertising campaigns at scale for international companies that want to increase brand awareness and grow customer acquisition.

Sofie Baarsøe Pedersen

Head of Paid

Social media is a marketing channel that effectively elevates a brand and improves a business’s bottom line. 

With more users online than ever, a social media presence is essential for brands to grow. Through paid social media advertising, companies can reach audiences worldwide. There are multiple channels to choose from, ranging from older platforms like Meta to newer, fast-growing ones like TikTok or a myriad of local market ones.

With each platform engaging a different audience demographic, companies must understand which is best suited for them. As social media is the most visible impression of a business, it must be combined with an in-depth understanding of a brand’s target audience to get the right message to the right people.  

As a paid social media agency, MediaGroup can help optimize campaigns and track engagement across platforms in real-time. 

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Our approach to paid social media advertising

As a data-driven paid social marketing agency, MediaGroup always starts with an audit of our client’s business objectives. These goals may include growing brand awareness, website traffic, or online sales. With decades of experience, our team of social media experts can devise a tailor-made solution for you.  

Through MediaGroup, you also have access to the latest social media agency services and industry tools. These tools can uncover what types of content your audience regularly interacts with. With this in mind, we can provide bespoke strategies to gain more conversions.  

We have also compiled best practices in B2B, B2C, and e-Commerce marketing. Our team will make sure any recommended strategies are aligned with a specific social media platform. By customizing ad formats, messages shown will connect with audiences more effectively and on an emotional level. 

Social media marketing services


We take an in-depth look at your current position, the competitor landscape, creative content, and target audience. Our findings will consider the overarching campaign objective in addition to specific analyses such as the performance of your ads. This allows us to put together well-thought-out recommendations tailored to the client. Enterprise businesses will rest assured knowing their large budgets will be applied efficiently and with reason. 


As the world’s largest social media technology platform, Meta boasts famous brands such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. With so many users on it daily worldwide, businesses need to leverage the traffic on these platforms. MediaGroup has experience running brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, and other campaigns on Meta for enterprise-level clients. Our specialists can provide bespoke strategies and execute your online campaigns. 


The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has over 750 million members. This offers unequalled opportunities for B2B companies to connect with other industry professionals. MediaGroup uses this platform to help clients to generate quality leads and conversions for B2B and B2C marketing, targeting users with specific job titles, experiences, and skill sets.


TikTok is a highly visual platform that aims to showcase short videos to consumers. Compared to Meta and LinkedIn, its young user base makes it a great channel to target teenagers and young adults. Its newness means less competition for ad space, making it invaluable when targeting this audience.


Another visually focused platform, users can find, store and share visual content they find interesting, entertaining, or inspiring. We attractively showcase your products and content using various ad formats to capture user attention, build awareness and drive conversions. 


Hundreds of thousands of tweets are published on Twitter every second, making it a micro-blogging and marketing goldmine. Twitter can help strengthen brand identity, trust, and engagement. MediaGroup can advise you on how to optimize your ads for conversions, clicks, and views. 

What makes our paid social agency different

International scale

With clients from all over the world, MediaGroup has experience running complex global media advertising campaigns. With over two decades of experience, our social advertising team can work on localizing social media campaigns in 20 languages. 

Recognized Platform Partner

Our paid social marketing agency is proud to be a recognized partner of Meta, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With our track record of creating highly effective campaigns, we have established relationships with major channels like TikTok, Twitter, XING, and Snapchat.

Data-driven solutions

The core of our social media marketing services is focusing on analyzing and measuring data. Our specialists keep you in the loop by regularly reporting on campaign performances that can be easily understood. 

Paid Social Media Advertising: FAQs

What is paid advertising on social media?

In contrast to organic posts on social media platforms, paid advertising on social media is sponsored and directed toward specific audiences. With more people using these platforms daily, this is an excellent method to drive traffic and conversions. Marketers can also use data to see in real-time who is interested in the ad and to adapt to situations on the fly. 

What does a paid social marketing agency do?

Much like a digital marketing agency, a paid social marketing agency focuses on helping businesses grow their brand awareness. Because of the personable aspect of social media, an agency can help clients cultivate long-lasting relationships with online audiences. MediaGroup, in particular, is responsible for setting up bids, writing copy, planning ad campaigns, and executing them on social media platforms. 

Why use paid social media advertising?

With more people using social media than ever, brands need to use this opportunity to target audiences and get their message out there. Using paid social media correctly also allows companies to appear more relatable, which can attract a loyal customer following. MediaGroup’s social advertising experts understand how to target your user base to get them to convert. 

What social media channels should businesses choose?

What platforms a business decides to be active on depends on its offering and target audience. Meta remains the most popular platform for running ad campaigns and connecting to users. LinkedIn is geared toward professionals and often showcases company news and industry highlights, making it great for B2B marketing. If a company is looking to target a younger demographic, being active on Instagram or TikTok would be a fantastic choice to demonstrate its products and services and strengthen its brand identity. MediaGroup can advise clients on the best social media channels to help grow their prospects.  

What should companies post on social media?

Before creating posts, companies should consider what their audience is interested in, what content they interact with the most, and what content works best for the platform. Our team at MediaGroup takes the time to analyze data generated by social media analytics to determine what posts work best for you and how to convert users into customers. We also stay current on new trends to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.