On the basis of in-depth and data-driven research, MediaGroup is your strategic consultancy partner on the journey towards exceptionally good marketing results.

One of the key factors in reaching your business goals is pursuing the right strategy, based on the right data. MediaGroup can help you develop the optimal marketing strategy based on data-driven, in-depth and customised research. 

Marketing strategy starts with a segmentation map of the audience, deciding on the appropriate targeting and delivering a positioning that fits the target audience and sets apart your brand from competitors. Once the general marketing strategy is agreed, we need to ensure we are moving the right needles. Part of this process is the KPI workshop we deliver. The general objective at this stage is to define the client lifecycle, put the current numbers and ratios on each touchpoint and then determine which numbers need to be improved.  


Defining Solutions

Once we know our objective, we need to define solutions—creative and otherwise—in order to achieve the goal. We also need to take the competition and environment into consideration as the company doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Competitive and marketplace analysis is often called for. Having done the research, we generally know the reasons for issues and can ensure the solutions are aligned to the problem and the marketplace. 

We then continuously measure progress on these issues, and adjust if necessary, by the KPI numbers set in the lifecycle audit process.  


Keep up the good work

As your strategic sounding board, MediaGroup will team up with you for consulting sessions on an ongoing basis. 

We will proactively come up with optimization and improvement ideas for the current marketing and digital activities. However, you can also use our expertise to discuss new ideas or get our perspective on different challenges or issues. By doing this, we ensure that your strategy is always at its best, while simultaneously getting the most out of your marketing budgets.

The consulting sessions are a fixed part of our long-term business partnerships, and will be facilitated by one of our experienced senior consultants. 


Our strategic services in short

Summing up our strategic services, we audit and consult clients on strategic marketing including:

  • Brand strategy
  • New product launches and market entry
  • Media Strategy
  • Creative campaign strategy
  • Customer experience and Conversion optimization
  • Search engine optimization strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Measurement, tracking, data integration and web analysis
  • Community & social strategy
  • Marketing automation and CRM strategy


From strategy to results

No matter whether your business goal is growth, entering new markets, a better customer experience, going from offline to online or introducing new products. MediaGroup can help you with the right strategy. We want to be your experienced and up-to-date partner and sounding board that can consult you on making the right decisions for your business—eventually turning these decisions into exceptionally good results.

Please contact us to find out more about how MediaGroup can be your strategic consultancy partner, and start making your strategy a reality.


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