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Technical SEO

Technical SEO agency

Benefit from the advice of technical SEO specialists. Understand the on and off-site technical factors that can drive engagement.

Kyle Davies

Head of SEO

Technical factors involve the infrastructure of your website and strongly influence how search engines see it.

Technical problems can undermine even the most comprehensive SEO content and link building efforts. A technical SEO agency looks at the site from the perspective of how it will be crawled alongside UX.

Factors like page load speed, mobile optimization, redirects and more all impact SEO ranking performance. 

Krakow team during the meeting


A thorough and analytic approach

We start with a full audit of the current site performance. Even well-run sites can slip into problems with page formats and optimization. We use this data to provide actionable ‘quick wins’ changes that can be implemented immediately.  

We check all of the pages of your site and the links between them to create a detailed plan. Our audit includes the current state of your site, any technical problems found, and an ideal roadmap for an optimized version. Working responsively to deal with new technical issues as they arise while reworking the site, our technical SEO specialists work to improve UX and crawlability.  

Updates to search algorithms and your own site can cause sudden plunges in traffic. We identify problem points before they arise, and should the worst happen, we work quickly to restore normal traffic. 

Our technical SEO services

search.svg SEO audits

Our technical SEO audit service provides the template for further action on your site. Measuring progress without a good understanding of current performance and competitors to benchmark against is difficult. Even the best sites can have technical problems that hit SERP rankings. Our team identifies these and creates a clear plan to correct any issues. 

search.svg Page speed and UX

UX factors are more and more critical to overall SEO. Google penalizes slow-loading pages. Many factors, such as your choice of the host server, page design and non-optimized elements, can impact load speeds. Our specialists identify if there is a page speed problem and propose actionable improvements to protect your SERP ranking. 

search.svg Internal link structure

Complex sites involve menus, centralized pages and extensive internal linking. The way these links are structured can impact SEO performance. We optimize the layout and format of your site's internal links. By ensuring your most important pages are the most internally linked, we highlight specific important pages for SERP results. 

How we approach SEO campaigns

International presence

MediaGroup is a global SEO agency with offices in Denmark, Hong Kong and Poland. We have experience working across search markets, using Google and regional search engines. We have successfully implemented campaigns in dozens of countries, including Baidu in China and Naver in Korea. 

Reliable partner

Since 2004, we have been a trusted and reliable partner for B2B and B2C companies. With a strong, award-winning SEO background, we create effective digital marketing strategies in accordance with your needs and objectives.

Data-driven agency

Covering the full scope of our activity, from collecting and analyzing statistics on current performance to relative rankings and other factors, we specialize in simplifying complex data to present concise and evidence-based recommendations. 

Technical SEO services: FAQs

Do you offer a technical SEO audit service?

Yes. MediaGroup’s technical SEO audit services are an integral part of our overall SEO offering. The technical team works to produce a detailed audit of current performance, identifying any technical factors that can harm SERP rankings. 

Why do we need a technical SEO agency – can't this be done in-house?

Even if you have dedicated staff internally, an external agency can help to find missed details. A technical SEO agency can help identify and root out any problems that damage your overall performance. Technical work is complementary to content work and prevents any hiccups from derailing the rest of your marketing efforts. 

Why do loading speeds matter?

Loading speeds matter for both UX and crawlability reasons. As mobile users take up an increasing share of overall searches, the importance of loading speed has shot up. Common technical factors that can slow down pages include indexing issues, data compression and pre-loading.  

What do technical SEO consultants do?

Technical SEO consultants work at every stage of SEO campaigns, from the initial technical audit to implementing new campaigns. Usually, the technical part of an SEO campaign is emphasized at the beginning, troubleshooting any technical problems harming SERP rankings. But the team’s work continues, as updates either to Google or your website can impact SEO performance, and new content needs to conform to the internal link structure and formats set out by the team. 

How does technical SEO differ for enterprise clients?

Enterprise clients often (but not always!) have larger websites and more complex operating requirements and are better able to implement some changes in-house. Technical SEO then takes on a strategy consulting dimension and involves reusing existing content. Audits are also more complex and involved, given the mass of live pages on some client websites. Regarding basic SEO principles, enterprise clients have the exact technical requirements as smaller or mid-market clients. The difference is in degree.