Voice search optimisation – is this the future for SEO?

Voice search optimisation – is this the future for SEO? image

The popularity of voice searching has greatly increased in recent years, and this trend will continue to gradually change the SEO industry. The reasons are simple; for the typical user, speaking is faster and easier than typing. Additionally, it allows people to do other things at the same time.

Breakthroughs in voice-related technologies, such as smart speakers and virtual assistants (Google Assistant, Siri or Cortana) speed up this development even more, making it more mobile and touchless. Statista research suggests that by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units – a number greater than the world’s population!

How to optimise your SEO strategy for voice search? Voice queries made by users differ from those typed. According to Google, almost 70% of requests to the Google Assistant are expressed in natural language, not using the typical keywords that people type into a web search. That means that your website content should be optimised for long-tail queries, especially complex questions which typically start with words like ‘how,’ what,’ ‘when,’ and ‘why.’ Voice search is also extremely important for local SEO, queries with the phrase ‘near me’ or ‘where’ are good examples.

If you want to speak to your mobile now and ask how to optimise your website for voice search, remember that MediaGroup Worldwide can also help you. Our team of SEO experts will be happy to prepare an SEO strategy that is tailored to your needs.


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