Volatility means increased conversion rates and better clients

Volatility means increased conversion rates and better clients image

Most Brokers saw a great increase in volumes before, during and especially after the Brexit vote. Besides increased trading activity, acquisition was also greatly helped. See for instance Plus500, which generate 1600 new customers just last Friday. Now, there is always increased trading activity and improved acquisition during times of high volatility regardless of brokers’ actions, but they could do even better by leveraging (pun intended) such moments to get the most out of them.

Let’s start with marketing to clients and work our way back to acquisition. Brokers have a database of clients that could well be unaware of major movements in the market, especially when they are not as high profile as Brexit. Salespeople could call them, marketing could send emails and what not. The message could be a helpful one; did you see the move in the Cable? It’s down XX%.

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