What marketers can learn from Pinterest predictions

What marketers can learn from Pinterest predictions image

With 2022 ahead, Pinterest shared another list of predictions about ‘trends’ in the coming year. It appears you may find a little bit more there than just knowledge about what people may share or look for on Pinterest. If you are good at reading between the lines, there is a chance you will get to more interesting conclusions with regards to, for example, your ad communication or what different generations really need now. But you may ask—why is this even worth talking about? To this, we say: if an 80% prediction accuracy from last year won’t convince you to go through this, stay with us a few minutes longer and find out why it is worth your time.

Apart from the visual aspects in the report and various examples, Pinterest guides the user through categories divided into audiences. Even if you don’t use Gen-Z or Millennials ‘phrases’ in your daily communication, you should be interested in what people are hiding behind them, as they may be your next target group in your coming campaigns.

Let us go through some of the categories, like Celestial Celebrations, Emotional Escape Rooms, and Relation-tips. It seems interesting when you see predictions such as that posts on Healthy Marriage tips to increase by 190%, or that people will look for literally any occasion to celebrate with friends. When you also take a look at the big increase in ideas for decorating classrooms (for example, a forest theme), you start to feel that there is one big thing standing behind this, and that is Covid.

It’s clear that the virus made its mark on our lives and changed our environment forever. It’s hard to predict when and how it will all end, but things will definitely keep changing. Even now, it’s not difficult to spot that there is growing interest in health awareness, physical exercises, and interpersonal relations. Being stuck inside the house for longer than usual definitely made more people think about their future and approach to life, and this thinking has become a necessity in order to maintain proper balance inside the mind.

It’s also not surprising to see on the list of coming trends: high interest in financial education. People will look for investment tips, as they understand they can no longer survive at their current income level, if anything worse than Covid should appear. This topic has reached many people. If that doesn’t look like an opportunity to the financial services sector, then we are not sure what is. The need has already been drawn, now it must be addressed with appropriate communication in advertisements to tap into a new customer base.

Manage money

It is interesting how Pinterest’s report reaches out to desires and ideas. It is also inspiring in terms of the communication advertisers intend to use in their ads. At the end of the day, it may not be that important whether a particular brand falls into any of the categories in the report. Don’t worry if Gen-X or Boomers are not yet on your list. The time will come. But if you are looking for more direct tips for your brand, be aware that the list is long.

Dressing trends, design tips, dream holidays, and the increasing interest in clocks and watches is just a start. Cosmetic, health, and jewellery brands can have tons of in-depth recommendations at their fingertips if they go through with reading the report. Communication about the product can also be based on interpersonal relationships. Covid has widened the distance between us. Now, the question of creativity is how brands can cover this topic when presenting product offers. With good writing, it seems even less important what the brand behind each product is. The question that remains is—are these still predictions or are they points to consider in your future plans?

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