Why Google is Still the Number 1 Marketing Channel for Brokers

Google built its empire on a simple idea: show people an ad relevant to what they search for.

Last year alone, Google had $74.5 billion in revenue, at least 50% of which came directly from Google Adwords advertising. It was a good idea. The reason Google was able to build this massive empire is that they have the attention of their users all day, every day and they know exactly what these users are looking for. Combine this with the powerful keyword bidding system and targeting options, and they basically have a money printing machine.

But advertisers are not charities (well, sometimes, but that’s beside the point) so they must be getting something out of it. To start with, PPC gives some of the best targeting possibilities and allows advertisers to constantly test and optimise. In addition, Search Engines are often used in the final stages of decision making for broker selection. All in all, this means that the average ROI brokers get from PPC advertising is among the best of all channels. Being older, it is not as sexy as Programmatic Advertising or Social Media, but it sure does get the job done.

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