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Episode 24 | Combining sales and marketing efforts in a pay tech startup

Hosted by Bart Burggraaf

We have the pleasure to interview Scott Farace, CMO of Celero Commerce, a payment processing group. He shares his exciting and impressive career journey that led him up to his first position as a Chief Marketing Officer. We talk about combining sales and marketing and why your people in the team will always be worth your biggest spend. He shares how they aim to be high-tech and high-touch simultaneously – and the results from this people-first approach.

Scott always enjoyed learning how different business models work across various industries and got his first opportunity to experience this first hand when a lecturer offered all students the chance to work for their agency – for free.

This allowed Scott to work on significant projects with various NFL teams and their corporate sponsorships. That agency was later sold to Advantage International, which became Octagon later on. Scott shares how this experience prepared him to leverage partnerships worth multi-millions, effectively work with various partners on the same projects, and create cohesion amongst agencies towards a common goal and targets.

Being a part of PGA tournaments and Fortune 500 sponsorships taught him how big corporations made sponsorships work for their brand and integrated that with their marketing and sales. Scott later joined the founder of that very first small agency in a real-life Jerry McGuire breakout from Octogaon to start a new (and much smaller) sports marketing agency in Texas.

Scott was introduced to the financial industry while working with Bank of America on a major sponsorship of the Sydney Olympics. He also worked with Mastercard and First Union during this time, which further exposed him to this fast-paced and rivetting industry. When Payment Check was scouting for someone to help build their brand, Scott's experience working with major corporate brands ensured he was the perfect fit for them.

Today Scott is the CMO at Celero Commerce and still fighting big battles for the underdogs. Celero is a payment company at its core, with a corporate culture of providing payment solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Their primary objective is to give smaller companies the same tools, technologies, and solutions they need to compete with the mass-market retailers and big players in the industry. Join our exciting discussion to find out how Celero goes about achieving this for their clients and their unique approach to sales and marketing – especially their marketing approach in such a competitive niche.

Our guest: Scott Farace – CMO of Celero Commerce

Celero Commerce offers payment processing services, business management software, and data intelligence to small and medium-sized businesses in one holistic platform. Celero empowers business owners and executives to focus on driving growth and profitability.

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Bart Burggraaf

Partner (NL)

Bart is a Partner at MediaGroup. In the agency, he primarily works on SEO, client strategy, new business and staffing. Before working at MediaGroup, he managed global marketing at Citibank’s Margin FX business and worked on online marketing for Saxo Bank in Copenhagen. Bart has lived in 7 countries over the years but is originally Dutch.

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The Memorable Marketing by MediaGroup podcast series interviews leading senior marketers worldwide on all things marketing, campaigns, strategy, building awareness and everything that makes a brand successful.
Join the conversation by leaving your thoughts and questions, and we will be happy to chat with you. If you want to discuss your business marketing strategies in more detail or join our podcast as a guest, please reach out to us at: [email protected]

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