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How HTML5 Rich Media Banners Can Maximise Your Advertising Potential

Written by Łukasz Szkobel

While browsing the web, you have certainly noticed, more than once, banners that contain video or agile animations. They might have been the reason you were inclined to stop and take a closer look at what the advertiser had to offer.

The fact is, animated banners help attract attention, build brand awareness, and effectively increase engagement. If your company still uses static banners in advertising, you may not be reaching your full potential.


According to Google, ‘rich media is a digital advertising term denoting an ad that includes advanced features such as video, audio or other elements that entice users to engage and interact with the message’. These include banners, the most basic rich media and format, which have a fixed size and position on web pages and in mobile apps.

Thanks to rich media, dynamic ads can be created and are able to stand out from static ones. This can easily make the ad more relevant and engaging to its target audience.

A few years ago, Google and Mozilla decided to stop supporting Flash technology in their advertising display. These browsers did not make this decision on a whim. It quickly turned out that the lighter and easier to use HTML5 technology had replaced the slow and heavy banners for good.

Advertising with HTML5 technology brings various benefits that can help you meet marketing objectives and reach visibility and conversion goals. Below are the top five.


Firstly, advertising with HTML5 rich media banners can improve the click-through rate of your ads.

With them, engagement takes on a new meaning, as catchy animations and creativity will allow your business to be remembered by the user.

Statistics provided by eMarketer show a significantly increased CTR in dynamic ads compared to static ones. While the CTR for standard banners was 0.12%, those for rich media banners ranged from 0.44% to 267% higher. There is also an increased engagement rate for dynamic ads compared to static ones. The former has an engagement rate of 16.85% while the latter only 2.14%.

Confirmed with our internal research and experience, we can confidently say that using HTML5 rich media banners is a great opportunity to boost your brand awareness campaign.

Secondly, HTML5 is supported by every browser.

This is an undoubted advantage of this technology. You don’t have to worry if your banner cannot be displayed on every possible device or system. Animated banners can be displayed on all pages in the Google Display Network.

Thirdly, with the use of animated banners, you can fit more content into the space and tell your story.

Companies do not exist without a unique history. Introducing a new product line or your service has never been easier when you have the adequate room to express yourself. You can use these banners at any stage of your marketing funnel to achieve satisfying results.


Next, dynamic ads mean that you can target your audience with even greater precision.

We all know how a tailored ad works. It is necessary for the display campaign to be successful. Different users can see your ad in the same version but with different products they are interested in. Dynamic creations will allow you to match the perfect message to a given stage of a consumer journey. Just think how you can use behavioural data and geo-locations to serve users with a perfectly tailored message – rich media banners can help you achieve this.

Last but not least, dynamic ads have the advantage of being able to fit in more information about the product and service you are promoting.

The natural limitations of static advertising will not always make it possible to build an effective ad. On the other hand, using animated banners will allow you to build a more elaborate version of your message.

In the case of a static ad, you should avoid too much text on the banner, so you won’t overwhelm the user. But you can choose an HTML5 banner with the possibility of containing more text, visualisation, animation, and video, and you won’t have to limit yourself to one frame. Thanks to this, you will be able to build an eye-catching banner and also include all the information important to your audience.

HTML5 rich media banners bring many benefits and have been proven to be stronger at delivering results than static ads. We believe they should be in every digital marketer’s toolkit, and we can help you get set them up for your business. If you would like to get started or obtain more information, please reach out to [email protected] and a member of our team will assist you.

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Łukasz Szkobel

Head of Display

Łukasz is a Head of Display at MediaGroup Worldwide.  He runs our global programmatic, video, and display team. Łukasz lives and works in Poland. Before MediaGroup, he worked on the publisher side with one of the biggest publishers in Poland, serving clients such as Porsche, Range Rover, Mondelez, Unilever, and Netflix.

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