Finance marketing driven by content | Episode 31

Our new episode of Memorable Marketing sees us welcoming Jaslyin Qiyu, head of Client, Digital channels and Content Marketing at Citibank. Jaslyin has worked with some of the biggest names in the financial sector and has fascinating insights on the relations of marketing departments to other teams, as well as some of the constraints put on campaigns by major companies.

Our guest:

Jaslyin Qiyu – Head of Client, Digital channels and Content Marketing at Citibank Singapore.

Jaslyin’s career has seen her work across marketing functions, from copywriting to managing strategy roll-outs, across a wide range of clients, with a focus on international finance.

Lead generation can be a contentious issue. Jaslyin presents a nuanced view, describing the situations where sales and marketing can take joint responsibility for lead quality and follow-up. Sales and marketing cooperation is vital, and overcoming common disputes requires intelligence and tact.

Traditionally, major banks like Citi were focused on product marketing, and the expansion into content has come recently, in the last five years. Jaslyin describes the forays into mobile and B2C marketing taking place in Citi’s wealth management department. Additionally, the creative constraints that stem from working within a large, regulated institution are discussed.

The value of content marketing for B2B is dependent on its targeting. In different situations, different levels of contact are appropriate, and Jaslyin describes some of the events and contact methods used to meet each need. Account-Based Marketing involves targeting communications directed to a specific prospect.

Finally, Bart and Jaslyin discuss how the competitive landscape affects marketing strategies. Particular attention is paid to first-movers versus fields crammed with similar companies.

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