How To Approach Marketing for Global Impact | Episode 13

Settle in for a power-packed discussion that will open your eyes to a whole new way of approaching the collaboration between marketing and sales while addressing your client’s pain points in such a way that’ll keep you relevant in their sales journey.

How can a global brand truly approach sales and marketing so that every consumer feels seen and heard throughout their sales journey? How important is a localised approach to resolving customer pain points? What is the secret to remaining relevant to your target audience in each part of their journey with your brand? How do the most successful brands do it? How do they remain relevant and ahead of their competitors? Today you can get an inside glimpse into the three primary concerns that we must constantly address to do better for a more significant impact. Like Arun says: “Get their hearts today. You can get their wallet tomorrow.”

1. Localised Client centricity

2. A better link between marketing and sales

3. Being genuinely relevant to the markets you represent

Our guest:

Arun Cavale: Chief Marketing Officer of IBM Consulting in the Asia-Pacific region and named the Forbes Top-50 | “The Most Influential Global Marketing Leader 2018” by CMO Asia. He launched the IBM Consulting brand in the APAC market. Some of Arun’s accolades include: Lead marketing and strategy for IBM Consulting, the industry-leading consulting & business acceleration partner to co-create, co-execute and co-operate innovation and scale impact across the Asia Pacific. Bring deep expertise in Cloud, Data, AI, Automation and other technologies, blending it with extensive experience in marketing to help clients transform their businesses. Leads a team of senior marketing and communications leaders to bring the best marketing impact to their clients, their business, and the society they operate in.

Please leave your comments and questions; we value your feedback. And, if you would like to change your organisation’s approach to digital sales and marketing, feel free to contact me at: moc.w1679503143wpuor1679503143gaide1679503143m@iam1679503143.samo1679503143ht1679503143, and I will be happy to discuss new marketing strategies with you.

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