How to quadruple revenue with a corporate rebrand | Episode 22

Our episode today shows just how powerful an effect a successful company rebranding can have: I was delighted to have as a guest on the 22nd Memorable Marketing episode Radmila Blazheska, CMO at SecurityHQ. Mila talked us through how she began her career in marketing, her experiences leading to the name change and full company rebrand of SecurityHQ, a digital security company, as well as some memorable highlights from other campaigns and her thoughts on the industry more generally.

When Mila first arrived at SecurityHQ, there was no marketing team whatsoever. Identifying the name and corporate rebranding as a top priority, Mila built out the function and led the company rebranding throughout those key stages. With a 420% revenue increase since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength and won competitive industry awards.

As part of a general discussion about industry trends, Mila offers some gems of advice to CMO’s and marketing professionals, particularly those dealing with niche, targeted marketing environments or those working for brands that need rebranding. Using her experience to highlight the challenges and opportunities available, this was an enjoyable and wide-ranging conversation.

Our guest: Radmila Blazheska – CMO at SecurityHQ

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