Search Engine AND People Optimisation | Episode 17

Join us for an insightful discussion about how a different mindset regarding SEO can positively affect your company’s bottom line. It is all about value first at Accubits. Not only for search engines but primarily putting people at the forefront and creating value-focused content for their audience. Welcome to the future of SEO, now dubbed SEPO (Search Engine and People Optimisation) by our guest for today’s discussion, Aharsh from Accubits.

Accubits most certainly applies an out-of-the-box approach to all they do. On top of changing their unique SEO game to be a more people-centred tool for their business, they also give new meaning to the word ROI, which stands for Return of Innovation Positive in their organisation.

How did this market-leading business build their product portfolio from one in 2012, when they started up, to servicing Fortune 500 companies globally and winning the Frost & Sullivan Award for the ‘Most Promising Blockchain Developer of the year’ (in Logistics & Supply Chain)? What are they doing differently from the mainstream marketing approach to achieve such success?

Our guest:
Aharsh MS | CMO Accubits & TEDx Keynote Speaker

Aharsh is the CMO of Accubits Technologies and a thought-leading tech entrepreneur, growth strategist and visionary. Unorthodox thinking is his modus operandi, and it has always helped him see problems from different angles to find better solutions. He has designed 10+ products and solutions in the past year that helped tens of hundreds of people worldwide. He inspires, motivates and educates businesses on how to stand out in the crowd and reach their target customers.

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