The Art of Social Media | Episode 3

How important is Social Media in today’s advertising landscape? Social media platforms are content driven by users, so how do we measure the stages of a buyer’s journey on social media and match it with the perfect campaign? Or, reach our client’s expectations with measurable results?

When you build a marketing plan you depend on people seeing your ads. If you’re only available in the physical world today, you will miss a large market for consumer awareness. To ensure you reach all potential customer touch-points in their online buying journey, you have to be visible to them at the right time. Julie talks about how we identify target groups and the different stages of their journey. If you want to scale, you have to keep on developing—and to do that; you have to keep on testing. We discuss the ever-changing horizon of Social Media Marketing and how to ensure we get our client’s product and message in front of the right audience at the right stage of their online journey—without disrupting anybody’s right to privacy.

Our guest:

Julie Nyholm Peterson is our Head of Social and she works from our Copenhagen Office. Julie joined the agency in 2019 and now leads the social advertising team with a highly data-driven approach. Before MediaGroup, Julie gained experience in the e-commerce and consulting space. Julie studied Sales and Marketing at the Copenhagen Business School.

Please add your comments and thoughts below—we value your feedback. If you want to discuss your Social Media marketing strategy and plan please feel free to reach out at: moc.w1679499844wpuor1679499844gaide1679499844m@iam1679499844.samo1679499844ht1679499844 and I will be happy to discuss solutions with you.

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