This Company Has Achieved 80% Marketshare | Episode 11

Today we have an exciting discussion about how a well-known ’80s weight management brand, Nupo, gained an 80% market share in Denmark. Their modern audience does not only want hard sales – they want good quality content. In their quest to meet their target audience online, they refocused their energy on creating a new marketing plan that would achieve the desired results.

Learn how the team at Nupo used various new digital channels to grab the attention of the market while moving from traditional media to digital marketing. Also on the table for discussion is how they plan to expand into global markets, and how they will achieve this target.

Our guest:
Camilla Bøving Nielsen—Brand and Marketing Manager at Nupo.
Camilla’s career over the last 25 years has ranged widely with everything from digital content, project management, brand identity/strategy, product development and influencer marketing up to KPI optimisation. She is used to working across various countries and have many years of experience in lifestyle industries and retail.

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