Transitioning from physical to virtual and hybrid events | Episode 20

Join me today for another exciting interview as I talk to Andreas Høgsberg, founder of Virtual Hive. This 3D Virtual Events platform has taken Europe by storm as a realistic and enticing alternative to hosting physical fairs, shows and conferences.

Andreas takes us through their journey of how Virtual Hive came to be as it was catapulted into fruition by the onset of the Covid-19 global pandemic. As their company was bleeding quite heavily due to all events being closed down by the pandemic, it did not stop them from investing equally as much into developing the new 3D platform. What might have seemed like a risky endeavour at the time evolved into a superb investment, and today Virtual Hive is at the forefront as a digital meeting platform for virtual or hybrid conferences, meetings, fairs, and trade shows. The vision to combine state-of-the-art event technology with the most engaging and fulfilling user experiences based on extensive knowledge of human behaviour was well worth the effort as the platform is creating excitement for users and event owners.

Andreas shares how they went from looking for investors for Virtual Hive only a short year ago to where they are at today. We discuss how they reach their target audience by engaging on various mediums and collaborating with MediaGroup Worldwide for various marketing channels. He also shares how their expertise in the industry positions them well to drive awareness of their new technology in their target markets on the East Coast of the US, Germany, Norway, Denmark and the UK.

Our Guest:
Andreas Høgsberg – Owner of Virtual Hive & Managing Partner at Agenda Group

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