Understanding LinkedIn Marketing | Episode 12

Join us for an in-depth and expert discussion today with Gary Wong, former LI Marketing team member in Hong Kong where he helped companies to plan out their LI strategies for both organic and paid — and now an expert in his field consulting B2B start-ups to enterprise level organisations.

We discuss how you can use LinkedIn effectively within your current marketing budget while still making a notable impact to your revenue and ROI. Gary gives us excellent advice on how to best utilize the platform to build brand awareness, education, and trust — and not neccessarily for pushing sales. He explains why many B2B companies miss the true power that LI offers their brand, and how they can restrategize to turn it back into the right direction and yielding better results from this powerful online community platform. By understanding where it truly fits into the sales funnel, it will help you produce better and more relevant content that will deliver better results. We also discuss why it is vital that your lead-gen approach on LI is important to understand to enable your sales teams to be more effective.

Our guest:

Gary Wong is an Ex-LinkedIner and Co-founder of A LinkedIn & B2B Marketing Agency That Focus on Demand & Pipeline Generation, Not Leads. https://www.theinacademy.com He also hosts the APAC B2B Revenue Marketing Podcast and is an ex-semipro rugby player.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your LI or other social media marketing strategies to yield optimal results, feel free to contant me at: moc.w1675008206wpuor1675008206gaide1675008206m@iam1675008206.samo1675008206ht1675008206 and I would be happy to chat to you and find a solution that is perfect for your brand.

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