What is PPC | Episode 4

PPC (Pay Per Click) is on our agenda today. What exactly is PPC and why is it important in well-rounded digital marketing and advertising campaigns? We hear how Natalie and her team positively affect growth for clients in over 40 countries with up to 300% increased leads and 40% less cost per lead using intelligent and customised PPC campaigns. Why is a localised approach necessary to address various session and browser behaviours in different countries, channels and search engines? Do you need a specialised approach for different campaign objectives such as awareness vs conversions? Can AI replace human touchpoints in long-term relationship building? What is a PPC-friendly landing page? Join us for a lively discussion and expert insights about PPC and its use in successful digital advertising and marketing campaigns across the globe.

Our guest:

Natalie NG, based in the Hong Kong office as head of PPC, leads an international team of PPC experts. Prior to MediaGroup, Natalie worked in various digital agencies in the UK and Hong Kong. Natalie holds an MA from the University of Warwick in Electronic Business Management. Her experience working and studying abroad has prepared her to lead a multi-national team of PPC and SoMe experts.

Please feel free to leave comments, we value your feedback and opinion. If you would like to discuss your next PPC strategy with us, you can get in touch with me directly at: moc.w1679503060wpuor1679503060gaide1679503060m@iam1679503060.samo1679503060ht1679503060 and I would be happy to chat with you.

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