Measuring progress on your goals is the key to success. But how do you track the right things? 

It can be helpful to see how many people have visited your website or have ‘liked’ a post, but most of the time, the real business value is in less immediate metrics. MediaGroup identifies the data that truly matters through our research and consulting practice and uses a mix of measurement methods to help you continuously improve. Those methods can be quantitative, qualitative and both over the long- and short term.


Measuring the right things

We can probably agree that not all data is valuable. Presenting a 67 slide PowerPoint Presentation with table after table of numbers can be more than just dull; it can take away the focus from the data that matters. The key is to figure out which information is predictive of results for the objectives you want to achieve.

And so, we start our services by doing an audit that, besides taking a macro view of your brand, looks through all the available data and does statistical analysis to figure out which metrics are essential. We also offer a KPI workshop, where we take a collaborative approach to determine the right metrics to measure and set KPIs to achieve your goals.


Tracking and measurement set up

Once we know what metrics we want to measure, we need to set up the technical infrastructure and ongoing research (direct link to research section) to support it. MediaGroup employs a variety of tracking technologies to ensure the accuracy and redundancy of reporting information.

These include channel tracking for online, such as Google Ads or Baidu pixels, as well as attribution through tools like GTM, GA360 and econometric analysis with data from various sources—including web analytics tools. Lastly, when it comes to researching brand awareness and preference, we use panels or do custom research through tools such as Google surveys and the like. 

Besides measuring the impact of media on an immediate basis, through conversion measurement, we need to ensure that a qualitative component is included in the analysis. One conversion is not the same as another, we need to take into consideration (expected) lifetime value and such in order to analyse overall ROI and make strategic adjustments to our media allocation. For this, we can use data from your CRM and Marketing automation system to give qualitative input to our marketing and media choices.


Real-time access to data

All the gathered information is displayed in a proprietary, real-time reporting dashboard we provide to clients in order to have constant access to results. 

This dashboard is integrated with all data sources for campaigns, CRM and website traffic, such that all important information is constantly available in real-time. Clients can see how much was spent on advertising last month or what the ROI was, on the same screen as their rankings for SEO or the number of closed deals in their CRM system.

Do more of what works

What good is data if we don’t take action based on the insights? Our campaign analysts are always looking at performance, and optimizing in order to get the most out of your advertising. 

We continuously test and learn, for all types of campaigns, even if there is no immediate action to take. For instance, some ads might drive more engagement or cheaper awareness than others and the only way to find that out is to keep testing. What’s more, audiences are not homogeneous—what performs well for some audiences might not for others—and digging deeper to break out specific combinations of targeting and creativity can further improve performance. 

All our media buying is cross-channel. If we find out a specific message works well for a specific audience online, chances are the same goes for offline advertising targeting the same audience. Working with MediaGroup, you can rest assured that good data and constant optimization is at the heart of everything we do.


In summary

MediaGroup can help your company with all aspects of tracking and measurement of your marketing efforts. We find out what we need to measure to reach the objective, we set up the needed infrastructure to actually measure it, and we perform campaign optimization to constantly improve. 

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