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Amazon SEO for B2B

Written by Kyle Davies

With more than 1 million online B2B buyers, is it time to consider showcasing your products and services on Amazon Business seriously?

We look at the Amazon B2B marketplace and discuss all you need to know to decide if it is your next smart move for expansion into global markets. And, if you do—how to approach your Amazon SEO to ensure better results.

What is Amazon SEO?

The first key point to understand is that Amazon does not use the same ranking signals and factors as Google. It uses much fewer signals. However, it does not mean that it is easier to rank well on Amazon.

On the contrary, if you approach your Amazon SEO in the same manner as your typical website SEO, you will miss the mark, as there are core differences in Amazon algorithms.

Amazon’s primary concern is buyer satisfaction—and its algorithms are developed for this purpose.

Many people are familiar with the term SEO, but do you know what it really stands for? It’s actually an acronym that can be broken down into four parts: Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of using tactics and techniques to help your web page rank higher on Google or similar search engines so more traffic will come from this site than others in competition!

With Amazon SEO, your product will be able to appear higher in search results. Like traditional web optimization techniques such as keyword research and page speed considerations; the process is all about optimizing certain elements on a listing so it can rank well for key terms associated with what you sell or offer customers who use this online store’s platform while searching around town!

Elements to optimise include:

  • Product Title
  • Keyword Usage
  • Product Images
  • Product Review
  • Product Features
  • Product Description
  • Backend Keywords
  • Pricing Strategy

There isn’t just one way though – there’re different strategies out their depending upon whether they want their webpage rankings improved locally (i e within geographical limitations), nationally across all relevant sites/keywords*, and globally.

You can rank your products higher on Amazon by getting them to “rank” for certain search queries. A business has the option of optimizing their product listings and making sure customers find it easier via a variety of ways, but one way is through keyword optimization – which simply means you want those keywords placed strategically so they show up in front when someone searches about what type or model that specific item happens be selling from time-to-time (ease).

This will result in people finding more information about said items within seconds rather than having sift through pages upon pages before uncovering any valuable details whatsoever!

Amazon’s Search Algorithm

Amazon’s search algorithm is known as A9. It stems from the company name that is responsible for Amazon SEO. A9 is also a subsidiary of Amazon.

Users perform a wide range of searches on Google, while on Amazon, it boils down to transactional searches. For this reason, Amazon’s algorithm primarily looks for two key factors:

#1: Performance

  • Product price comparison to similar products in the same categories
  • High-quality product images of at least 1,000 pixels
  • Conversion rates
  • Reviews by users


#2: Relevance

In this category, you can positively affect your Amazon ranking with relevant and well-researched keywords and applying the following advice:

  1. Optimise your product title: Your product-title ranking factor is the most important metric in terms of a good relevance score by Amazon. Use precise keywords that are relevant to your product.
  2. Use your product name as part of your seller’s name
  3. Select your brand field
  4. Use e-commerce landing page best practices in your descriptions
  5. Use bullet points instead of long-tail copy for mobile-readability
  6. Enter backend keywords on your Amazon Seller Account’s backend section


If you focus on on-page optimisation for these two vital ranking factors, you will have higher conversion rates. When optimising your Amazon product name, follow these guidelines:

  • Always add the name of your brand
  • Ensure each product has a clear description
  • If your product has any specific materials or ingredients, list them in your description
  • Make sure to list the colour and size of your product
  • If your product is pre-packed in exact quantities, add it to the description

What will an Expert SEO Marketing Agency do for You?

It is all about the right approach. Knowing and understanding the latest SEO ranking metrics, and how to deploy the right strategy for every page. High-quality SEO goes beyond merely optimizing your product pages to rank well on Amazon.

It starts with an in-depth analysis of your status and finding the gaps that need improvement. It is not a one-size-fits-all methodology. It cannot be, as each business is unique in what they do and offer, who they target, and where they want their products found.

Based on the analysis of your business we will propose one, some, or all of the following solutions:

  1. Strategy and consulting
  2. Amazon optimization
  3. Paid Advertising
  4. Marketing Measurement

The objective of partnering with an expert SEO marketing agency is to get a real-life analysis of your online status based on data-driven metrics, and then focusing on scalable improvements and results.

Like you have to employ a strategic approach to website SEO for Google and other search engines to rank well and make you visible to users, you need a specific Amazon SEO strategy to ensure your product page is visible to the right buyers.

Your keyword strategy and PPC campaigns need a different approach than your company website strategy.

What is Amazon Business?


Amazon Business gives your B2B business direct access to 1+ million worldwide customers.

Amazon Business is a division of dedicated to delivering an enhanced B2B marketplace focusing on addressing the ever-developing needs of B2B customers and offering them an effective platform to buy and sell online.

With 150,000 B2B sellers and more than 1 million buyers, Amazon Business offers the B2B market plenty of exposure. Coupled with advanced and strategic SEO customised for Amazon, it can increase your online sales, visibility, brand awareness, market reach, and eventually, improve organic search results for your website. We will discuss SEO for Amazon in detail a bit further down.

The B2B buyer preference for self-service websites instead of B2B sales representatives is not new. In fact, it has been pointed out in a 2015 article called ‘The Death of a B2B Salesman’, published on

“Expanding the role of self-service eCommerce: The evidence is clear. Nearly 75% of B2B buyers now say that buying from a website is more convenient than buying from a sales representative. Further, 93% say that they prefer buying online rather than from a salesperson when they’ve decided what to buy. B2B companies that wait too long to create self-serve eCommerce websites risk losing share to pure plays and omnichannel competitors.”—

Jump ahead to 2022, and you will realise that:

  1. Yes, you should invest in the development of a sleek and user-friendly self-service business website if you have not done so already, and
  2. Amazon Business is a successful and proven platform to generate leads and sell your products and services directly to your target B2B market and introduce yourself globally to 1 million+ potential new customers and lead generators.

Another vital point of interest is that Amazon Business customers include governments and charities, as they may also buy from the Amazon B2B marketplace. Suppose you sell relevant products or services to these two industries. In that case, it can potentially land your business on the right screen at the right time—primarily if you work with an expert SEO digital marketing agency.

Why B2B should be on Amazon Business?

Here are a few more reasons why it’s important for manufacturers and distributors who want to sell on Amazon:

  1. No stocking, no workforce hiring & training involved.
  2. No extra shipping costs are incurred by suppliers.
  3. Flexible payment options are available including the cash on delivery (COD) option which is very popular these days.
  4. High return policy since the customer is purchasing from a large platform like amazon & has a guaranteed return policy, unlike small retailers.

Today the internet has connected buyers directly with sellers. We may get all our products from a local market, but online sales are growing at 40% year-over-year. Customers are always in search of the lowest price possible for any product and with low-cost selling on Amazon, you can reach buyers worldwide.

Amazon Business has a stronghold on buyers- how?  Here are a few reasons why SEO is the key to gaining more visibility in this world of online shopping.

Buyers find it convenient to access their favourite brands and products in a single place with a click.

Customers can compare product pricing from different sellers and choose the best deal possible.

Sellers need to make sure that they offer competitive prices in order to attract customers, which makes price optimization very important.

No wonder large companies spend budget on advertising with Google & other search engines just look for these “buying intent” keywords. In these types of queries, users are looking for specific information about products and services.

If you have a business related to selling on Amazon, good news for you! You can now optimize your website and drive more targeted traffic through search engines by employing an SEO service provider who understands the value of customer acquisition and has experience in using different tools and techniques that allow businesses to increase sales and reach out to their target audience.

Let’s explore why expert SEO is vital for your success on Amazon B2B.

Let’s Take Stock

Amazon Business is geared towards streamlining B2B transactions and process flows between business buyers and sellers. It offers all the tools and features you need to effortlessly upload every product with proper descriptions, images, certifications, and more onto the online marketplace

If your product price point can allow for referral fees while staying competitive in the marketplace, there is no reason not to join the worldwide e-commerce giant.

They have the proper systems and features in place to provide a secure and streamlined transactional platform. You can scale your business operations by using FBA for your entire, or part of your logistics solution.

Keeping in mind that recognised brands do not necessarily have to compete for the lowest price point, you can easily absorb the referral fees into your pricing. The added advantage is that your product becomes accessible to markets that would otherwise not consider the arduous process of import and export.

Coupled with an expert SEO strategy, your brand can gain almost instant awareness and visibility to a worldwide market.

If you want to discuss such a strategy in more detail, contact us, and one of our senior team members will be happy to talk to you about your Amazon SEO.

Kyle Davies

Head of SEO

Kyle works as a Head of SEO at MediaGroup. Based in Scotland, he has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing on both the client and agency side, having held key roles in advertising, B2B and other companies. Kyle's deep knowledge of SEO, web development, content marketing and data analytics is invaluable in managing complex strategies for our enterprise clients.

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