Being present in organic search results creates trust and drives business, but how to get (and stay!) there?

Using a sustainable and scalable SEO strategy is the only way to achieve consistent results. It is no good to spend a lot of time and money on SEO to just get a temporary result, and that’s often the case when people use short-term hacks. On the other hand, hope is not a strategy; without doing active link building and optimizing your site, not much is going to happen.  


Getting SEO results for 20 years

Being in competitive, high-tech industries for over 20 years has made MediaGroup an expert in the SEO field. We employ a large group of in-house specialists that control considerable SEO budgets for our clients—in global campaigns and across industries.  

Our specialists optimize your website to help you show up higher on search engines and gain more of the right kind of ‘organic traffic’. The right kind of organic traffic doesn’t merely make your website visitor numbers look good, instead, we focus on what brings business results. 


Making results scalable

Many people see SEO as very different from other areas of marketing. With advertising, the idea that you can increase results by spending more is clear to everyone. For SEO, most people see it as a fixed investment that is something you need to do, but not necessarily a scalable investment. 

Part of the reason for this impression is that most SEO strategies are, in fact, not scalable. While an important part of our work, there is only so much you can optimize the content on your site. What most people forget though, is that the amount and quality of links that point to your site is an imminently scalable aspect of SEO. 

Our not-so-secret-sauce is thus that we can actually build good quality, niche relevant links at scale. This way, there is always a budget at which you can be number one in the search engines. The question is, how long do you want it to take?


Global rankings

Clients of our agency are overwhelmingly regional or global in nature. That means that we don’t just optimize for Google, we have years of experience working with Baidu in China, Naver in Korea, Yandex in Russia and many more local search engines. Our approach works globally, and we have a variety of case studies we can show you to prove this. 


In summary

Our SEO work for clients consists of the three main areas of SEO; the content on your site, the technical structure of your site and the links and other signals about your site that tell search engines how ‘important’ your site is. We do that for all global search engines and across a variety of industries in order to drive scalable business results. 

In addition to SEO, we also work with clients on online reputation management. Ensuring negative mentions are mitigated and positive stories rise to the top of the search results. 

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