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Search Engine Optimization

An SEO consultancy agency

An award-winning global strategic SEO agency, MediaGroup manages SEO strategy and execution for mid-market and enterprise clients at scale.

Kyle Davies

Head of SEO

Planning, launching and monitoring SEO campaigns take time and expertise. MediaGroup partners with larger businesses to find innovative solutions to their organic search problems.

We work on global campaigns for our clients, offering digital PR, media outreach, and analytics capabilities alongside our traditional search engine optimization services and link building at scale. 

We advise and identify opportunities to build your online presence, whatever stage your business is at, with a thorough understanding of your industry and specific business requirements. 

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A multifaceted SEO approach for complex clients

Delivering on equally large budgets and goals for our clients, MediaGroup draws on the expertise of a team of in-house specialists across content, technical and off-site link building, to offer a full range of digital SEO services.

We assist our clients in building a high-quality link profile relevant to their niche. Detailed keyword analysis over thousands of prospective combinations, analyzing and filtering our results to map user intent, and comparing the relative strength of global and target-market keywords allow us to concentrate effort and budget outlays. 

We also have a strong network of relationships with industry news and guest posting sites, which allows us to offer digital PR capabilities and consistent high-trust link building.

Our SEO services

search.svgContent marketing

By adapting your existing content or writing new copy from scratch, we create a user-friendly text base for your site. Using our in-house research function, we identify an optimal site structure, and menu linking network, and we select the most appropriate keywords to improve organic traffic.

search.svgTechnical SEO

Our technical audit looks at all factors influencing crawlability, with actionable recommendations based on the results. We also diagnose any potential problems in your link profile with backlink mapping diagrams.

search.svgLink building

Links are what give importance to your site. Maintaining a high link quality level is critical, and our offsite SEO team follows the highest standards while growing your link profile at scale, through our extensive network of publishers.

search.svgDigital PR

For new product launches, publicity campaigns, or other situations requiring maximum exposure to web-based media outlets, MediaGroup is able to craft and execute campaigns broadcasting your message to industry publishers and partners.

An atypical agency

Both global and local

MediaGroup has a background working with regional search engines including Baidu in China and Naver in Korea. MGWW’s SEO campaigns have been successfully implemented in over 20 markets worldwide. 

Reliable partner

Since 2004, we have been a trusted and reliable partner for B2B and B2C companies. With a strong, award-winning SEO background, we create effective digital marketing strategies in accordance with your needs and objectives.

Data-driven agency

Covering the full scope of our activity, from collecting and analyzing statistics on current performance to relative rankings and other factors, we specialize in simplifying complex data to present concise and evidence-based recommendations. 

SEO consultancy: FAQs

Are SEO ranking results guaranteed?

With the exception of paid, sponsored results – no, SEO rankings are never guaranteed. What MediaGroup can do is help maximize your chances of ranking well and remove any technical or content obstacles to strong organic performance with our digital SEO services. The extent of the improvement this will cause always depends on multiple factors, and it is not possible to guarantee a particular result.   

How are results reported once the campaign is underway?

MediaGroup will provide a bespoke SEO dashboard, detailing your campaign performance, link status, and any changes or improvements made in the last month. This allows you to see progress towards your marketing objectives, and will alert you of any changes or recommendations as they happen.   

Why are links important?

The number of other sites with links redirecting to your own is one of the key metrics for overall search rankings. Quality is of course vital, and a large number of low-quality links can seriously damage your SEO efforts. In our technical audit, one of the first things we do is check the overall quality of your link profile, ensuring you are not being held back by low-quality links.  

How long does SEO take to work?

This depends on a few factors. A technical fix can sometimes be put in place immediately; high-quality link building takes months, even years in some cases. Digital PR campaigns will vary in length based on your communications objectives and internal deadlines. We always aim to provide a balance of ‘quick fix’ and longer-term improvements, allowing for continuous SEO development.  An SEO digital agency partnership continues beyond the timeframes of digital PR or PPC campaigns, offering lasting value and reporting insights to our clients. 

Why choose MediaGroup?

MediaGroup is uniquely positioned to help enterprise SEO projects with a global perspective. With staff spread across three continents, offices in five countries and extensive experience dealing with local search engines, few SEO agencies have such a global outlook, nor the same experience working with major businesses. Our technical and content teams are always at your disposal and through a thorough audit process, we can identify and exploit the best strategies to transform your SEO performance, while maintaining a focus on overall user experience.