MediaGroup uses data and qualitative research to advertise effectively to your audience, wherever they are.

Matching your brand with the right media is crucial when it comes to reaching the right target audience. You need to ensure that your target audience actually sees you. With more than 20 years of experience in buying media, MediaGroup builds media plans based on data-driven, in-depth, customized research of your market and target audience. We connect brands with audiences to find your audience wherever they are, whether that would be browsing social media or reading a magazine.


Solving the right problem

What problem are we trying to solve? It seems like a simple question, yet can get really complicated, really quickly. Should we create more awareness of your brand? Or change opinions to get consideration? Is the problem at the conversion stage? Which problem we need to solve determines our media choices. 

What’s more; getting to know your target audience is key. If we don’t know who they are, and what motivates them, we don’t know how to effectively reach them with advertising. As a further complication, we need to differentiate you from your competitors if we want to have any chance of effectively communicating. 

And so, we start our services by doing an audit, researching your historical efforts, the target audience, your competitors and the status of your brand in the marketplace.


Cutting through the clutter

Audiences get bombarded with hundreds of ads every day. Brands need to stand out to have a chance to succeed. Armed with the information required to solve the right problem and communicate to the right audience, we can help brands cut through the clutter. 

Our data-driven process takes the guesswork out of buying the right media, and our buying power allows us to buy media at aggressive prices, improve deals and always get clients the best value. What’s more; rather than dogmatically sticking to TV or Digital media, our approach is always omni-channel. We allocate budgets to media that works for you.


Measuring success

After launch of your media plan, our priority is to continuously test, learn and improve to get the most out of your advertising budgets. We use a proprietary real-time dashboard to keep you informed of the performance of campaigns. And being on top of your campaign during the whole process, making changes quick and often, allows us to get your brand unparalleled performance.   

On a macro level, this approach – combined with our unique insights in your campaign’s development – will contribute to propel your business forward.


In summary

Our mission is to help mid- to enterprise level companies scale up their client acquisition through a combination of brand, preference and conversion marketing. Our media buying services are thus an essential part of the value we provide to our clients, always based on sound research and strategy. We execute buys online or offline, always ensuring we keep your objective at the core of what we do. Here are some of the channels we cover:

  • Search Engine Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Display & programmatic advertising
  • Email marketing
  • TV advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Print media advertising
  • Outdoor advertising

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