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Paid Advertising

Global Paid Advertising Agency

MediaGroup is an international marketing agency with a focus on data. Our paid advertising services help clients achieve award-winning results at scale.

Sofie Baarsøe Pedersen

Head of Paid

MediaGroup offers paid advertising services covering PPC, display, and social media advertising.  

Having a direct, measurable impact on sales, this model is an excellent way for companies to stand out effectively and stay on top of the competition, as they can capitalize on different channels. It allows for both broad exposure and precision in targeting valuable audiences at a time and place when they are ready to convert.

MediaGroup can help enterprise brands execute their campaigns globally to improve the bottom line by adopting a full-funnel approach to paid advertising. 

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A data-driven and methodical approach.

With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, it can be difficult for companies to keep track of new technologies and determine how to optimize their campaigns. Companies may also lack the in-house expertise to monitor their paid campaigns regularly, resulting in poor performance. 

MediaGroup allows its clients to access the latest industry tools to evaluate and boost their campaigns. Our full-service data-driven agency has specialists who understand best practices in targeting various channels, particularly with B2B, B2C and e-Commerce marketing.  

By combining key insights, researching your target audience and competition, and getting to know your unique selling point, MediaGroup can advise you on the most effective advertising platforms to grow your prospects and  ensure your business objectives are being met.

Our paid advertising services

magnet.svgPPC advertising

PPC advertising revolves around the pay-per-click model, where advertisers pay when their ads are clicked. PPC can boost site traffic to gain more converting visitors by getting ads to the right people at the right time and place. These campaigns are conducted through search channels such as Google and Microsoft or local search engines such as Baidu. 

magnet.svgDisplay advertising

Due to their visual nature, display ads are a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and engage with audiences. Nowadays, most advertising is done through electronic auctions. With access to a plethora of cutting-edge technology, our specialists can help you to run successful display campaigns through programmatic advertising platforms. 

magnet.svgSocial advertising

Social media has become essential for brands to grow and connect with relevant audiences worldwide. Each platform has its unique strengths and caters to a particular demographic. A paid advertising agency can precisely target prospects, build brand awareness, and strengthen customer loyalty.

How we approach paid advertising

International scale

MediaGroup, a paid search advertising agency, approaches campaigns with an international focus. Our clients are based worldwide, so their campaign needs are complex and require an attentive eye. To help our clients, our dedicated team has two decades of experience and can carry out localized PPC campaigns in 20 languages. 

Recognized Platform Partner

We are proud to be recognized as a partner by Google Ads, Microsoft, Meta and Pinterest. We have also established relationships with major channels like TikTok, Twitter, XING, and Snapchat. Industry recognition demonstrates MediaGroup’s effectiveness in developing and executing ad campaigns for major clients. 

Data-driven solutions

We first start by technically assessing our client’s position in the market, to help pinpoint the optimal way to achieve their campaign goals. We continuously provide reports so our clients can check whether their performance has improved throughout the campaign. This will be presented clearly and concisely so it is easily understood. 

Paid advertising agency: FAQs

What does a paid advertising agency do?

Like a digital marketing agency, a paid advertising agency is responsible for creating, planning and executing client advertising campaigns. Paid advertising services can include creating display ads on websites, handling PPC campaigns, and targeting ads on social media. MediaGroup has experts that can do all these things and more for clients. 

Why do we need to work with a paid advertising agency?

With people being bombarded with so much advertising daily, a brand's message can easily get lost in the void. A company may need more expertise, personnel or time to craft a winning marketing strategy. This is where paid advertising agencies step in, as they have the know-how and tools to make a brand stand out. Instead of doing everything themselves, companies can outsource advertising needs to these agencies to focus on their specialisation. Doing so can be more cost-effective and efficient in the long run.  

What does a global advertising company do?

A global advertising company strategies and executes ad campaigns. However, unlike their local counterparts, these agencies tend to be larger, with different offices worldwide. Due to their expertise in running multiple campaigns in various languages and countries, global advertising agencies can help a brand expand internationally. These agencies are also experts in localizing content to target the correct audience. As such, a brand can gain a broader customer base in another market. 

How can an international advertising agency benefit brands?

Today, more brands than ever before are looking to expand into new markets to grow their audience base. However, this can be challenging since moving into new markets might require changing content to fit the local language and culture. An international advertising agency can assist brands with localizing content. As such, ad campaigns created by these agencies have a higher chance of targeting the correct audience, allowing brands to stand out. 

What are the benefits of paid advertising?

Using paid advertising is a fantastic way of getting a brand’s name out to audiences. They come in various formats, including PPC, programmatic, and social media ads. As paid advertising allows companies to purchase ad space to promote their brand, it can help increase traffic, sales and conversions, benefiting a business’s bottom line. Paid advertising also allows to gain more engagement and increase brand awareness among customers.